Queue Viewer helps you manage and view RabbitMQ messages in queues. The key benefit of Queue Viewer compared to the Management Plugin is that it allows you to operate on selected RabbitMQ messages instead of all messages in a queue. You can move, delete and send single or multiple messages at the same time and you can work with several servers, allowing you to debug and trace different environments locally.


Edit and send message

Test different scenarios by editing an exisitng message. Testers can easly create mesasge templates to test the consumers.

Record messages

Create new queues and bind them to exchanges in order to view messages sent. This is a key benefit of RabbitMQ over MSMQ where you can consume a message and later view it in order to unserstand why the code is behaving the way it is.

Copy, Cut, Paste

Select the mesages you want to handle and move them to different queues and servers.

MassTransit support

Show MassTransit specfic meta data in data grid.

Filter messages

Search and filter within all mesasges in a queue.

Search withing a mesasge

Highlighted search within a message.

Queue Viewer is free of charge for personal, non-commercial and open source use. Business users can try the application up to three months for free. Contact sales@queueviewer.com if you have any questions or want to continue to use Queue Viewer.